To be a recognized and reliable partner, with regard to the satisfaction of customers, employees, shareholders and thus achieve long-term financial stability of the company.


The basic strategic direction of the company is to bring customers quality and reliable services regarding the division and storage of flat rolled products, with a stable market share, which will ensure the satisfaction of stakeholders and an economically efficient company.

Our strategy is based on the following pillars:

Quality and customers
    • Quality of products, timely fulfillment of deadlines and flexibility of delivered services.
    • To be a leading processor in the field of metallurgical material cutting.
    • Building and maintaining a permanent customer base based on partnerships.
    • Maintaining the position of main supplier for key customers.
    • Maintaining and improving established quality and environmental management systems according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 standards.
    • Implement the requirements of suppliers in the automotive industry by meeting the requirements of IATF 16949.

Occupational safety and hygiene
    • Employee safety comes first.
    • All activities in the company must comply with safety measures.
    • Ensuring reliable and safe operation of equipment, machines through regular inspections and prevention.
    • Maintaining technological and technical sophistication by introducing new modern technologies.

    • Environmental responsibility for running a business. 
    • Reduction of the energy intensity of the company's operations.
    • Implementation of environmentally friendly projects to minimize environmental impacts.

Care and satisfaction of employees
    • The employee is the highest value of the company respecting its uniqueness, rights and diversity.
    • To be an attractive employer for capable and qualified people by creating above-standard working conditions and a pleasant working atmosphere.
    • Promote regional employment, ensure training and the development of skills and talents

Social responsibility and ethical behavior
    • To be a reliable partner who acts honestly and fairly.
    • By adhering to the company's ethical principles achieve economic success as a socially responsible business entity.
    • Compliance with legislative, legal and other stakeholder requirements.


Košice, on 3.8.2020

Ing. Jozef Maceášik
Vice Chairman