VALCOVŇA PROFILOV a. s. deals with processing, storage and sale of flat rolled products. The company has an integrated management system focused on the development and stability of the company, increasing satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders. In accordance with the strategic direction and application of ethical principles, the company is committed to:

    • Provide customers with quality products, services in accordance with their requirements and realistic expectations, while adhering to agreed deadlines and mutually beneficial relationships. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We are assessing risks and opportunities by monitoring the business environment to ensure the competitive and sustainable development of the company.

    • Give occupational safety the highest priority when performing tasks. The main focus in the field of safety and health at work is to focus on accident prevention, take effective measures to reduce risks and thus create a safe and socially responsible climate for employee satisfaction.

    • Protect the environment, take effective measures to eliminate negative environmental aspects that may have a negative impact on the living and working environment. Reduce the consumption of input raw materials, energy media and thus contribute to the protection of natural resources by improving production processes. Take into account environmental aspects when purchasing materials, energy and services, as well as when implementing new technologies.

    • Increase the quality, environmental protection and occupational safety awareness of all employees by developing their skills and abilities. Empower employees to act promptly and take responsibility, using training, tools and motivation to meet company goals.

    • Maintain and continuously improve the efficiency of the established quality and environment management systems in accordance with EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 standards and the laboratory management system in accordance with EN ISO / IEC 17025 standards by integrating certified management systems. Create conditions for compliance with applicable legal and other requirements of stakeholders.


   • Perform mechanical tests of metallic materials impartially and reliably. Demonstrate the competence of the laboratory by meeting the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17025 standards.


The company's management commits all its employees as well as employees of external supply companies within the scope of contractual agreements to fulfill the stated intentions and expects them to be fully engaged.


Bočiar, on 10.3.2022

Ing. Jozef Maceášik
Vice Chairman